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It all starts here…

It is official! I am teacher! I have my license and everything. I’ve been hired to an exciting position at a school where I will be teaching 10th-12th graders the ins and outs algebra, geometry, and even a little trig! I am so excited that I can hardly sit still. I’ve got two classes each of Secondary Mathematics I, Secondary Mathematics II, and Secondary Mathematics II Honors (and two preps). The classes are held on an alternating A-B schedule and are typically 82 minutes long.

I have already started religiously planning my lessons and activities for the first few weeks of school. Unfortunately, I have not yet received the materials that the current teachers used this year. Right now, I am flying bind, completely aware that I might have to redo all the work I am completing now in order to adhere to my new department’s PLC policies. I can’t help it. They haven’t even finished their school year yet, but I have been out of college for a month! What else am I suppose to do with my time? Especially with my own kids still in school.

My biggest worry about next school year: time management. With the class periods being so long and having 3 classes to prepare for, I am worried that I won’t have enough interesting material to keep the student’s attention throughout the day. I also don’t want to be up til midnight EVERY night planning for the next day and never eating dinner with my family. ┬áThat is a sure way to burn out and waste my teaching degree.

I had two extraordinary mentors for my student teaching, Kirtus Langston and John Gardella, both thirty year veterans of the craft, both still willing to learn and change and grow. I was lucky to have them both. Everyday I was able to see two different approaches to similar situations. But, when it came down to the time when I was in charge, they let me try it my way and were there to support me if I succeed or failed. They are still ready to support me in my first year as a teacher.

I am so excited to begin.