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One step at a time.

Summer has officially ended for my school-to-be. All the teachers are packing up and preparing for a much needed summer break.

I, however, am doggedly planning easy to modify lessons for students that I have never met, at a grade level that I have never taught, in a classroom that I have never seen, with co-workers I haven’t spoken to, in a town that I don’t live in yet. Nope, I’m not worried one little bit. (And if you believe that, I’ve got some ocean front property here in Nevada that I can sale you dirt cheap!)

I just found Sarah Hagan’s blog Math Equals Love¬†which is full of interesting ideas and foldables. I’m not quite sure that I am as in love with foldables as Sarah is, but I’m planning on using one or two in the coming semester. I also loved her start of the year lesson plan and take on a syllabus, which she borrowed from Dan Meyer. And now I borrow from both of them. ¬†(As I tell my own kids all the time: We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just paint it a different color.) I still have to hand out a three page disclosure form which my math department uses, but at least now I’ll know that the students will have at least processed the main parts of what they need to know for my classroom.